Thursday 16 February 2017

VOP: Mail database is not ready

We have been running an IBM Verse on Premise (VOP) pilot in our company for quite some time now. We started last year with the beta version of IBM Verse and upgraded toi the Gold version a couple of weeks ag. After the upgrade, I had an issue opening my inbox. The following error message occured:

Checking the underlying REST calls brought up this:
The REST call to retrieve the inbox returned an error "Mail database is not ready":
{"error" :
       "failure" : "Database upgrade required",
        "message": "Mail database is not ready"

The IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0 Administrator Documentation clarifies the required steps to prepare a mail file for VOP. Besides some new views, VOP also requires that Folder references are enabled for the mail file. A convert -m task rsolved the issue quickly for me.

So the steps to prepare a mail file for VOP are:
  • add additional views
  • enable full text index
  • enable folder references
 Thank you, Christian for your support on resolving the issue :-)


  1. Te recap: RTFM. Even if you upgrade from beta to production code.
    People sometimes make fun of me for exhaustively reading product manuals. But I have found it saves me time in cases like these...

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