Monday 16 April 2018

ReactNative Error Command failed: xcrun instruments -s

For one of my "pet projects" (more on that in a lter post...) I am building a native a pp using ReactNative. After reinstalling MacOS on a brand new (and insanely fast) SSD drive I experienced the following error when starting up a ReactNative app in the simulator using the command react-native run-ios The error appearing was: react-native run-ios Scanning folders for symlinks in /projects/rn/tst1/node_modules (22ms) Found Xcode project tst1.xcodeproj xcrun: error: unable to find utility "instruments", not a developer tool or in PATH Command failed: xcrun instruments -s xcrun: error: unable to find utility "instruments", not a developer tool or in PATH The issue and solution is explained here: In the XCode Preferences you have to set the XCode Command Line Tool version:

Friday 10 November 2017

Troubleshooting Angular CLI and Windows search indexing

I recently installed Node.js and Angular on my machine for some explorations. During the creation of my first test app using the Angular CLI I came across an annoying issue. I wanted to create a new project using the command
ng new my-demo-app
The following error occured:
30969 verbose unlock done using C:\Users\testuser\AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\_locks\staging-9ee6130cb5906a84.lock for D:\angular\my-demo-app\node_modules\.staging
30970 verbose stack Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir 'd:\angular\my-demo-app\node_modules\fsevents\node_modules\getpass\node_modules'
30971 verbose cwd D:\angular\my-demo-app
30972 verbose Windows_NT 6.1.7601
30973 verbose argv "C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node.exe" "C:\\Program Files\\nodejs\\node_modules\\npm\\bin\\npm-cli.js" "--quiet" "install"
30974 verbose node v8.9.1
30975 verbose npm  v5.5.1
30976 error path D:\angular\my-demo-app\node_modules\fsevents\node_modules\getpass\node_modules
30977 error code EPERM
30978 error errno -4048
30979 error syscall scandir
30980 error Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir 'D:\angular\my-demo-app\node_modules\fsevents\node_modules\getpass\node_modules'
30980 error  { Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir 'D:\angular\my-demo-app\node_modules\fsevents\node_modules\getpass\node_modules'
30980 error   stack: 'Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, scandir \'D:\\angular\\my-demo-app\\node_modules\\fsevents\\node_modules\\getpass\\node_modules\'',
30980 error   errno: -4048,
30980 error   code: 'EPERM',
30980 error   syscall: 'scandir',
30980 error   path: 'D:\\angular\\my-demo-app\\node_modules\\fsevents\\node_modules\\getpass\\node_modules' }
30981 error Please try running this command again as root/Administrator.
30982 verbose exit [ -4048, true ] 
Error -4048 seems to occur a lot and most of the time it is a permission issue. I first thought it has to do with some access issue of my user but after lot's of googling and trial and error I found an helpful hint in this forum:!topic/angular/0iFLX6dEdeA User norricorp gave a hint that this could be related to windows search indexing. During the app-creation files and folders are newly created and then moved to other places. Windows indexing can interrupt this process as it keeps files to be (re-)moved open , so the whole process does not work properly. Once I disabled the windows indexing service the command worked properly :-)

Friday 17 February 2017

Quick tip: moving an Eclipse project to another folder

I am restructuring some projects on my local machine. Usually I don't want to touch a running project but since I have the opportunity to use an internal Bitbucket server now at my workplace I also want to have all my local project source files on one location.
So this is how I moved the project source files to another location on my local machine:
  1. Open Eclipse and go to the Package Explorer view
  2. Check your project folder locations

    So the project is located in the folder D:\sample\net.mruhnau.sample.hello
  3. Right-click on the projec in the Package Explorer and choose Refactor --> Move...
  4. In the following dialog, choose the new folder location for the project and click OK.
This is it, Eclipse moves the files to the specified location. The advantage is that using this procedure will retain your workingsets as well as project information, history etc. I think this is a very smooth way of reorganizing project files.

Thursday 16 February 2017

VOP: Mail database is not ready

We have been running an IBM Verse on Premise (VOP) pilot in our company for quite some time now. We started last year with the beta version of IBM Verse and upgraded toi the Gold version a couple of weeks ag. After the upgrade, I had an issue opening my inbox. The following error message occured:

Checking the underlying REST calls brought up this:
The REST call to retrieve the inbox returned an error "Mail database is not ready":
{"error" :
       "failure" : "Database upgrade required",
        "message": "Mail database is not ready"

The IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0 Administrator Documentation clarifies the required steps to prepare a mail file for VOP. Besides some new views, VOP also requires that Folder references are enabled for the mail file. A convert -m task rsolved the issue quickly for me.

So the steps to prepare a mail file for VOP are:
  • add additional views
  • enable full text index
  • enable folder references
 Thank you, Christian for your support on resolving the issue :-)

Wednesday 3 February 2016

IBM Connect 2016 musings from remote

Disclaimer: I do not attend IBM Connect this year. So my conclusions are based on various news channels like Twitter and Blogs.
Nevertheless, I dare to reflect on some of the announcements that made the long way over the atlantic to good old Europe via Internet :-). As I am an application developer my list might be a bit development-centric though. So let's get started:
  • "most of XPages" will be open-sourced: I think this is a great step forward for the community of partnersa dn customers and also for IBM. Above all, this will protect the investment in XPages made by partners and customers. Furthermore this will empower us, the XPages community to understand, fix and extend the XPages runtime. And IBM will also benefit from this step as the community can provide fixes to the XPages runtime. 
  • Domino Designer will filter irrelevant metadata so the use of source control management systems will be improved.
  • Last but not least: we will finally get Java 8. Wooohoooo :-) The fact that the latest Mac client has Java 8 implemented already gave us hope.
  • IBM Verse on premise comes in 2016. This seems to be an ambitious timeline but I am very happy and relieved that verse on premise is finally coming. There are a lot of customers which still cannot or don't want to move Email to the cloud. And we, the internal service providers for collaboration systems struggle every day with new business requirements and shiny new tools from other vendors... The faster we can get our hands on Verse on premise the better for us ;-)
  • Domino and XPages and OpenNTF were part of the Opening General Session with a good story. This is just great!
  • I heard a lot about project Toscana which seems to be a kind of slackish Team collaboration for enterprises. If you don't know Slack already, check it ot...
  • Notes workspace comes to Verse and Connections ;-)

And a few more interesting links to check out:
As this (and the previous post) is based on contributions and information shared by other bloggers and members of the YellowVerse I want to take the chance to say Thank you! for sharing information with us who cannot stay on-site!