Wednesday 3 February 2016

IBM Connect 2016 musings from remote

Disclaimer: I do not attend IBM Connect this year. So my conclusions are based on various news channels like Twitter and Blogs.
Nevertheless, I dare to reflect on some of the announcements that made the long way over the atlantic to good old Europe via Internet :-). As I am an application developer my list might be a bit development-centric though. So let's get started:
  • "most of XPages" will be open-sourced: I think this is a great step forward for the community of partnersa dn customers and also for IBM. Above all, this will protect the investment in XPages made by partners and customers. Furthermore this will empower us, the XPages community to understand, fix and extend the XPages runtime. And IBM will also benefit from this step as the community can provide fixes to the XPages runtime. 
  • Domino Designer will filter irrelevant metadata so the use of source control management systems will be improved.
  • Last but not least: we will finally get Java 8. Wooohoooo :-) The fact that the latest Mac client has Java 8 implemented already gave us hope.
  • IBM Verse on premise comes in 2016. This seems to be an ambitious timeline but I am very happy and relieved that verse on premise is finally coming. There are a lot of customers which still cannot or don't want to move Email to the cloud. And we, the internal service providers for collaboration systems struggle every day with new business requirements and shiny new tools from other vendors... The faster we can get our hands on Verse on premise the better for us ;-)
  • Domino and XPages and OpenNTF were part of the Opening General Session with a good story. This is just great!
  • I heard a lot about project Toscana which seems to be a kind of slackish Team collaboration for enterprises. If you don't know Slack already, check it ot...
  • Notes workspace comes to Verse and Connections ;-)

And a few more interesting links to check out:
As this (and the previous post) is based on contributions and information shared by other bloggers and members of the YellowVerse I want to take the chance to say Thank you! for sharing information with us who cannot stay on-site!

Tuesday 2 February 2016

IBM Connect 2016: some interesting reviews (updated)

I am not attendting IBM Connect formerly known as Lotusphere this year. If you also didn't make it to Orlando this year I recommend these posts:
I may have missed many other interesting reviews, so feel free to post other links as comments :-)

Sunday 31 January 2016

XPages on IBM Bluemix - working with wrong ID file

This is an easy one, but I still think it is worth mentioning all the different findings about a new technology like IBM Bluemix. During my tests with XPages on IBM Bluemix, I once made a little mistake. I forgot to switch to the IBM Bluemix ID file before I started modifying the design of the Bluemix app.

Obviously this is easily possible within Domino Designer. I was also able to deploy my changes to IBM Bluemix, but the new XPage could not be called due to an access issue we know from our good old domino environment too!

Signing the design element and another deployment to Bluemix solved the issue.
Good old Domino security - makes perfectly sense to me :-) It would be really nice to have an option to sign the design during the deployment process though!
(BTW: this is a rather old post which was still unpublished - but I think the deployment process is still the same)