Friday 17 February 2017

Quick tip: moving an Eclipse project to another folder

I am restructuring some projects on my local machine. Usually I don't want to touch a running project but since I have the opportunity to use an internal Bitbucket server now at my workplace I also want to have all my local project source files on one location.
So this is how I moved the project source files to another location on my local machine:
  1. Open Eclipse and go to the Package Explorer view
  2. Check your project folder locations

    So the project is located in the folder D:\sample\net.mruhnau.sample.hello
  3. Right-click on the projec in the Package Explorer and choose Refactor --> Move...
  4. In the following dialog, choose the new folder location for the project and click OK.
This is it, Eclipse moves the files to the specified location. The advantage is that using this procedure will retain your workingsets as well as project information, history etc. I think this is a very smooth way of reorganizing project files.

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