Monday 20 July 2015

Limitations with multiple instances of XPages applications on IBM Bluemix

I discovered some "limitations" or caveats while I was playing with XPages on IBM Bluemix tonight. I setup two instances of the To Do Boilerplate.

The first thing that annoyed me is that the import of the Bluemix Starter code of the second instance replaced the NSF of my first To Do app. The good news is that Domino Designer asks before the app will be overwritten :-)
If you choose "No", the Starter code won't be imported and you won't loose any data.
One disadvantage for XPages on Bluemix at the moment seems to be that the import always imports into the root folder of your Notes-Data-Directory. This will hopefully be fixed in a future version so that we can import projects into subdirectories. For other Bluemix apps the documentation explains that a developer should create a new subfolder to which he or she can extract the code to. The integration for XPages / Domino is a bit different from that process so this issue seems to be specific for XPages.

Another limitation or issue that came to my attention is that if you setup multiple instances of the same XPages Boilerplate these databases share the same ReplicaID. My two instances both have the ReplicaID 80257E5A:004A751B - and replication of the databases is enabled.

I am wondering if the ReplicaID is bound to the organisation or space or if it is shared across all instances of this Boilerplate. Furthermore I am not sure if this just due to the fact that XPages is still in experimental code. In my opinion this is something IBM should fix for productive use as this can bring lot's of trouble for the developers...(or maybe I am missing something?)


  1. Hi Michael,

    We are aware of these limitations and plan to address them in a future release.

    If you want to work on multiple copies of the Boilerplate app you should create a copy of the NSF by right-clicking on the application in the Applications Navigator, then choose Application -> New Copy. You can then configure this new copy for Bluemix deployment by right clicking again in the Applications Navigator and choosing IBM Bluemix -> Configure for deployment. You'll then have to bind the application to an XPages NoSQL Database Service for it to function correctly.


    1. Hi Gary,
      thanks for providing feedback as well as for the hint on how to configure a new copy for Bluemix. I don't think these are critical issues, nevertheless it makes sense to address them in future. Will try the workaround out soon.
      Cheers - Michael

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