Tuesday 19 November 2013

DOTS: Logging to server console and log.nsf (part2)

In my previous blog post I showed how I implemented console logging in my DOTS projects. As I mentioned already yesterday, I prefer using logMessage respectively logException which are both implemented in the ServerConsole class of DOTS.
Both methods can easily be used directly inside your tasklet. When my first tasklet was growing, I started implmenting my own classes. Thereby I realised that logMessage and logException both are not available outside the tasklet class.

As these methods are implemented inside an own class "ServerConsole" I need an object of this class to use these methods. First I declare an object of type ServerConsole. In my case this object is in my class header and initialized in the class constructor. Thus I can use this object anywhere in my class - and even outside my class as it is declared as a public object.

In my DOTS projects I usually declare one ServerConsole object in one of my classes and use this object anywhere possible.

Beyond this approach I was pointed into two different directions today:

Rene Winkelmeyer mentioned another useful approach in a comment  here. If you want to log outside of the tasklet class you can easily use ServerTaskManager.getInstance().logMessageText("").

So if you only want to log messages, this might be the easiest solution for you. However, if you want to log messages and/or exceptions, the ServerConsole class is your friend...
OR you go down the road that Serdar suggested in his comment here. and use his Logger class.
He created an own TaskletLogger class which extends another Logger class. I haven't tried it out yet, but I am pretty sure it works great :)
Speaking of logger classes, I think I have to mention the XPages OpenLog Logger OpenNTF project by Paul Withers which can be used from OSGi extensions too.

To make a long story short: there are many options available - and while writing this update post I am realizing that this "blogging thing" revealed a lot of good new stuff to explore ;-)

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